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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Senior Photos of Hannah

Hannah was another senior gal from the Portland Metro area that wanted the Urban/Industrial Vancouver look for her senior photos. She never planned to take a photo with all of her shoes, but she had so many for her outfits it just called for one. Thanks Hannah for being such a good sport and allowing us to pose you in some unusual places. She attends Glenco High in Hillsboro, OR.

Senior Photos of Alexa

Alexa requested three of our favorite locations – Urban/Industrial Vancouver, local waterfalls and riverfront areas. Alexa is one of three senior graduates so far this year from the Portland Metro area that came to us from senior portraits. Thanks to you all for making the trip over.

Last year I did an image of a gal (Cara) sitting in the middle of the road (link). So far this year it has been my most requested image to recreate. Of course we do not recommend trying this shot on your own.

Senior Photos of Caylah

These are a few of my favorite images from our Urban/Industrial Vancouver photo session taken a few days ago with Caylah. Because her friend Lexi referred her to us, Lexi will be receiving a $25.00 gift card of her choice. Thanks Lexi!

Senior Photos of Stephanie

These images show why we love to photograph high school seniors in downtown Portland. There are just so many great locations to work with. Stephanie is a photographer too so she is usually on the other side of the camera. I think she did quite will on this side of it today.

Senior Photos of Courtney

Here is another senior photo session we did last week. Courtney attends Hudson’s Bay High School here in Vancouver and was a great subject to work with. Looking at her you would never know that it was well over 100 degrees outside that day. You did a great job Courtney!

Senior Photos of Lexi

Here are a few of my favorite images we did from a recent senior photo session last week. They were done on location at her home.

Up Against The Wall

In 2008 we started photographing some high school seniors against various walls. It was never really intended it to become a series, but it appears to have become one. We hope you enjoy these.

Pushing the Envelope

At the start of 2008 we made the decision to challenge ourselves and push our creative vision with our high school senior portrait sessions. We did more creative lighting, scouted out new locations and incorporated some new edgy effects. All of this carried over into our wedding and family market too and our clients embraced it. Change is good! Your comments are always welcomed.

Senior Graduating Class of ‘08

We wanted to share a few of our image composites from the 2008 senior graduating class we had the privilege to photograph. Last year was one of our busiest years to date for senior bookings. Thanks to all of you for choosing us and trusting in our vision to create images for you. If you’re going to be a 2009 senior high school graduate, we would love to have that opportunity with you too.

Karl & Amy at Latourell Falls

Yesterday morning my daughter called and asked me to join her and my son-in-law on a photo trip up the gorge. They wanted photos at Latourell Falls, where he proposed to her. Here are some of her favorites.  While doing the shoot, a few people asked if we were taking engagement photos. Although we weren’t, I realized this would be a great spot for future engaged couples.

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