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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Senior Photos of Keone

Keone was photographed at three of our favorite locations in and around Vancouver. We happened upon this great locomotive, which was newly painted a few days earlier, so we had some fun using it in some of the shots. It was certainly one of the most massive props we’ve used to date.

The final image was a favorite for many. Catching the light at the Columbia River with Mt. Hood looking so majestic is not as easy as one would expect. We’ve been there many times before and it’s amazing how many elements have to fall into place to make a shot like this happen. He will be graduating from Mountain View High School here in Vancouver this year.

High School Senior Pictures – Vancouver, WA – Canazzi Photographics


Senior Photos of Eric

Eric is a very talented young man who plays both guitar and saxophone. I found him to be a very easy going subject. That combined with spectacular evening light and a great location made for a fun senior photo session for us both. Eric attends Skyview High School here in Vancouver, WA.

High School Senior Pictures – Vancouver, WA – Canazzi Photographics

Senior Photos of Sydney

To give herself a different look for her senior pictures Syndey came to us from Oregon City area. She was a lovely subject willing to try anything we suggested. The fact that we just happened upon a train with graffiti on it that matched her bright pink top was just a bonus to the days photo shoot.

High School Senior Pictures – Oregon City, OR – Canazzi Photographics

Senior Photos of Ashley

We photographed Ashley at one of our favorite Washington parks and riverfront areas. She came up with a great idea for a photo that would represent her leaving her childhood behind, which is shown here in the first image. Ashley will be in the 2010 Skyview High School graduating class this year.

High School Senior Pictures – Vancouver, WA – Canazzi Photographics

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