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Senior Photos of Kirsten

This is part two in a series of locations we did for Kirsten’s senior photos. You can see her first session with us here.

The Oregon coast held special memories for her so she decided to have her senior photos taken there. We actually scheduled it earlier in the month but the weather was not conducive (rainy and windy – go figure). Besides coordinating both of our schedules we had to coordinate good weather, a very low (minus) tide and the position of the sun. That’s asking a lot, but fortunately we pulled it off.

The lighting was very harsh that day and we did what we could to work around it. The old coastal fort that remained there was an amazing location to work in. When my wife and I were there about a month ago on vacation I mentioned how great it would be to photograph a high school senior here – my wish came true.

Kirsten is one of those people that always seem to have a smile on her face, and you can certainly see in these images. She attended David Douglas High School in Portland, OR.

High School Senior Pictures – Oregon Coast – Canazzi Photographics


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