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Senior Photos of Siena

We heard that Siena spent most of a day on the internet looking for a photographer to do her senior photos. She found us and admired our work so much that she made a two and half hour trip down from Aberdeen, WA. To say the least – we were quite flattered.

Siena brought an entire closet of clothes – literally her entire closet. More than that though, she brought a wonderful sense of enthusiasm. That’s really all we can ever ask of our subjects.

The photos with the shopping cart were from a dream her friend had. We also tried some new found areas we have been checking out for awhile. Thanks again Siena for making the trip down.

Not only was she a beautiful subject with a great personality but she’s also into music, drama, and soccer. She was so much fun to work with and I’m sure it shows in these images.

High School Senior Pictures – Vancouver, WA – Canazzi Photographics


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