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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Yearbook Photos of Neal

Neal gave us a call in need of a yearbook picture in very short time. So we photographed him in our outdoor home backyard to give him a few selections to choose from. He was in and out within and hour with his final fully retouched image. We do love digital photography.

So if you are just in need of a yearbook photo that is better than your school provides just give us a call.


High School Senior Yearbook Photos – Vancouver, WA – Canazzi Photographics

Senior Photos of Jordyn

We had only about fifteen with Jordyn before we lost the sun behind some big black clouds and the rain moved in. She had spent quite a bit of time in the salon to get her hair just perfect, and we did not want her to have to reinvest her time and money a second time. So we got innovative and found some great areas that were protected from the rain to finish her senior photo session. Jordyn graduated this year from Columbia River High School here in Vancouver.

 High School Senior Pictures – Vancouver, WA – Canazzi Photographics

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