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Central Oregon Photo Trip – May 2011

These images are just a partial representation of my recent photo trip a few days ago with my good friend Dr. Nick Carulli, a great photographer in his own right. We’ve been friends for close to 30 years now and have taken quite a few of these trips throughout the years. If you’ve ever watched American Pickers you’ll have a good idea of what our trips are like. The way these guys talk and interact with each other reminds me so much of us. Just like them we love old things, but instead of coming away with antiques we come away with images. 

Although we’ve traveled to Central Oregon many times before neither one of us have been to the Painted Hills area, so we decided to make that one of our destinations. This was a two day trip for us and we decided it was one of  the best ever. Everywhere we went subjects abounded and the lighting was just spectacular. Hope you enjoy what I’ve captured here.

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