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Senior Pictures Emma – Class of 2011

I must say that Emma brought to us one of the more interesting fashion styles we have ever photographed with our seniors – Steam Punk.  So we were challenged to emulate a 19th Century style which involves steam power, heavy industry and gears. It appears that fake wings and keys are also involved. Added to this look were techniques I embellished upon in post production.  After doing more research into this style I actually found myself intrigued by it and would love to have the opportunity again to photograph another subject like Emma.

One thing missing from the photo session was an old steam locomotive. A working steam locomotive in our area is a very rare occurrence, but fortunately one happened to show up in town the following week for a few hours.  I rushed over to photograph it and spent some time in Photoshop to create a unique picture that blends together the last two images shown here.  I surprised Emma and her mom with the image and they loved it. It’s always fun when you can surprise and exceed clients’ expectations.

Emma will be graduating from Heritage High School here in Vancouver, WA this year.

High School Senior Pictures – Portland, OR – Canazzi Photographics


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