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Senior Pictures of Steven – Class of 2011

Because Steven attends Forest Grove High School we decided to meet with him in Banks Oregon to do his senior photos. As you can see from these images his main interests are skateboarding and playing guitar. The skies were very stormy on the trip over to meet up with him and we actually thought we may have to cancel our photo shoot because of it.  But I love stormy skies so we continued on despite rain hitting our windshield. Fortunately the rain stopped and held off long enough for us to capture these images.

A great bonus to the day was finding an old burnt out home we saw on our way into town. While photographing Steven with his guitar I told him it felt like I was shooting an album cover for him. He was thanking me for the great job we did and he had yet to see any of the images. Needless to say he loved what we came away with that day.

High School Senior Pictures – Portland, OR – Canazzi Photographics


2 responses to “Senior Pictures of Steven – Class of 2011

  1. Rachelle Hunsperger September 27, 2011 at 13:48

    Gary and Karin did a great job caputuring what Steven is all about. My daughter is only in 7th grade now, but ill be calling when it is time for her as well! Thanks for such a great job.


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