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Zia – An Urban Vancouver Senior Photo Session

These are a few of our favorite images from Zia’s photo session with us.  She liked our Urban Vancouver location option, so we created most of these there for her.

She mentioned that she was studying photography at her school, but did not bring a camera with her to use as a prop to represent that.  Well not only did I have a few to let her use (imaging that); I actually had the exact camera model she had. How cool was that?

Zia was very comfortable in front of the camera and I love the variety of looks we came away with for her.

101- Creative_High_School_Senior_Photographers

103- Creative_High_School_Senior_Photographers

104- Creative_High_School_Senior_Photographers

105- Creative_High_School_Senior_Photographers

107- Creative_High_School_Senior_Photographers

108- Creative_High_School_Senior_Photographers

109- Creative_High_School_Senior_Photographers

110- Creative_High_School_Senior_Photographers

111- Creative_High_School_Senior_Photographers

112- Creative_High_School_Senior_Photographers

113- Creative_High_School_Senior_Photographers

114- Creative_High_School_Senior_Photographers

115- Creative_High_School_Senior_Photographers

116- Creative_High_School_Senior_Photographers


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