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Dominic – Senior Photos in Urban Vancouver, WA

Just a few of our favorite images we wanted to share with everyone from Dominic’s senior photo session with us.  His mom really wanted a photo of him with an American flag so with that idea in mind and the help of Photoshop I was able to make that happen for her. These we shot in and around Vancouver, WA.

101- Portland_High_School_Senior_Photos

102- Portland_High_School_Senior_Photos

103- Portland_High_School_Senior_Photos

104- Portland_High_School_Senior_Photos

105- Portland_High_School_Senior_Photos

106- Portland_High_School_Senior_Photos

107- Portland_High_School_Senior_Photos

108- Portland_High_School_Senior_Photos

109- Portland_High_School_Senior_Photos

110- Portland_High_School_Senior_Photos

111- Portland_High_School_Senior_Photos

112- Portland_High_School_Senior_Photos

113- Portland_High_School_Senior_Photos


Carrie – Senior Photos in an Oregon Park

We had a great time creating these pictures for Carrie who decided that she wanted to have her senior photos taken in one of our favorite outdoor parks in Oregon. She brought along a variety of outfits and so we made sure to take along our changing tube (used by professional models) to accommodate those needs.  I just love all the different looks and moods we got from her and the locations within the park.

We’ve been fortunate to have known her family for some years now. We also had the opportunity to have taken her brothers senior photos a few years earlier.

101- Creative_High_School_Senior_Location_Photos

102- Creative_High_School_Senior_Location_Photos

103- Creative_High_School_Senior_Location_Photos

104- Creative_High_School_Senior_Location_Photos

105- Creative_High_School_Senior_Location_Photos

106- Creative_High_School_Senior_Location_Photos

107- Creative_High_School_Senior_Location_Photos

108- Creative_High_School_Senior_Location_Photos

109- Creative_High_School_Senior_Location_Photos

110- Creative_High_School_Senior_Location_Photos

111- Creative_High_School_Senior_Location_Photos

112- Creative_High_School_Senior_Location_Photos

113- Creative_High_School_Senior_Location_Photos

114- Creative_High_School_Senior_Location_Photos

115- Creative_High_School_Senior_Location_Photos

Jered – High School Senior Photos

Just wanted to do a quick post of some of our favorite pictures we created for Jered.

101- Great_High_School_Senior_Photos

102- Great_High_School_Senior_Photos

103- Great_High_School_Senior_Photos

104- Great_High_School_Senior_Photos

105- Great_High_School_Senior_Photos

106- Great_High_School_Senior_Photos

107- Great_High_School_Senior_Photos

108- Great_High_School_Senior_Photos

109- Great_High_School_Senior_Photos

110- Great_High_School_Senior_Photos

111- Great_High_School_Senior_Photos

112- Great_High_School_Senior_Photos

113- Great_High_School_Senior_Photos

114- Great_High_School_Senior_Photos

115- Great_High_School_Senior_Photos

116- Great_High_School_Senior_Photos

117- Great_High_School_Senior_Photos

118- Great_High_School_Senior_Photos

Tre – Urban Senior Pictures in Vancouver, WA

These are a few of our favorite senior photos we did for Tre in some Urban / Industrial settings here in Vancouver, WA.  We found some great spots and could not resist getting a photo of Tre with his dad just to surprise his mom.

















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