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Kastania – Urban Senior Photos in Portland, OR

Kastania brought along some great props to show the variety of interests she has.  Her mom told us she was doing the photos for her and not herself, but as we took more photos she seemed to enjoy the process.  We went to some great areas in Portland to take her senior pictures. Thanks Kastania for being such a willing subject.

101- Urban_High_School_Senior_Photos

102- Urban_High_School_Senior_Photos

103- Urban_High_School_Senior_Photos

104- Urban_High_School_Senior_Photos

105- Urban_High_School_Senior_Photos

106- Urban_High_School_Senior_Photos

107- Urban_High_School_Senior_Photos

108- Urban_High_School_Senior_Photos

109- Urban_High_School_Senior_Photos

110- Urban_High_School_Senior_Photos

111- Urban_High_School_Senior_Photos

112- Urban_High_School_Senior_Photos

113- Urban_High_School_Senior_Photos

114- Urban_High_School_Senior_Photos

115- Urban_High_School_Senior_Photos

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