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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Senior Photos of Bryan – Class of 2009

Generally most of my subjects require me to take a few dozen shots for them to loosen up and feel comfortable in front of the camera. Bryan was an exception and warmed up immediately to it. His clothing choices although minimal were very good ones. Everything from a teal shirt to a winter coat worked well to give us a great variety of looks. He is a senior at Prairie High this year.

Senior Photos of Alanna – Class of 2009

Alanna will graduate next year from Portland’s Cleveland High School. She initially planned to have her senior photos taken over there but chose instead to have them done here in our Urban Vancouver location. Her photo session was on a typical cool, crisp November day here in the Northwest. It’s my favorite time of year to do photography, not just for clients but for my own personal work too. With the sun low on the horizon and a thin layer of fog hanging around we had some beautiful lighting for her portraits.

Senior Photos of Sara & Shelby – Class of 2009

Sara and Shelby attend Ridgefield High and are the third set of twins we’ve photographed this year. We did their senior portraits at The Academy with the majority of images taken at one of our favorite Washington park locations. We were blessed with great lighting and beautiful fall colors everywhere we went.

Senior Photos of Jack – Class of 2009

Jack arrived in his 1973 Mercury Montego GT which he is restoring and has already won at least one award with. It was pouring rain at the time, but we all decided to give it a go anyway. By the time we got to our first location the rain had stopped and we were rewarded with some amazing lighting. Sometimes the risk pays off.

Senior Photos of Alyssa – Class of 2009

As we arrived at our first location with Alyssa there was a light sprinkle and then as the photo session progressed, so did the rain. So when life gives you rain, use an umbrella (plus it makes a great prop). Alyssa seemed very comfortable in front of the camera. Although she is not a professional model, I think the images we captured of her sure make her look like one. I hope she agrees. She attends Battleground High School.

Senior Photos of Michelle – Class of 2009

Michelle’s senior photo session took place in Urban/Industrial Vancouver and at the riverfront here in town. She’s a senior this year at Heritage High School here in Vancouver. Thanks Michelle for the opportunity of choosing us to take your senior pictures.

Senior Photos of Brandon – Class of 2009

We have known Brandon and his family for many years and have had the pleasure of photographing them throughout those years. For his senior photo session, his friend Nick came – they have been friends since they were four. For the images of Brandon and his truck we were extremely fortunate to have what is known as “Sweet light”. It made me feel like I was taking photos for a Dodge truck ad, which was very cool.

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