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The Kate White Band

This is the Kate White Band and it’s my first attempt at photographing a musical group. I’ve known Kate (aka The Violin Lady) for quite a few years now. She is an extremely talented singer/songwriter with two albums to her credit. Although she is the lead person of the group, Kate is not one to have everything focus on her, she sees a bigger picture. Her vision is to share her music and faith to encourage others. One of the things she has done to that end is to perform in our prisons; currently she has been to every prison in the state of Washington, impressive to say the least. Supporting her is a very talented group of guys which she has brought together; Glenn, Robert, Dale and Scott. In an effort to promote the vision of the group I decided to donate my time and talents to create these images.

When I initially talked to Kate about the photo session it was nice to hear that we shared the same vision for the look she wanted. She describes their music as a mixture of Folk Rock, Celtic and Bluegrass. So I started out by contacting a long time friend of ours who had a 100 year old barn. It just seemed like it would be an appropriate place for their style of music. I had a lot of ideas and made over a dozen sketches with subject placement and lighting options. I certainly had more ideas than I had time to implement.

Over the three hours photo session I was impressed on just how easy everyone was to work with.  It was great having them practice as they waited for me to set up some of the shots. It was a nice fringe benefit!

Regardless of your musical tastes I’d suggest you check out her web site to sample her unique sound. You’ll realize it’s more than just music, it is “Music That Matters”.

I also want to thank my daughter Amy who assisted me as our stylist. She was a great help and influential in the vision of some of these final images. Many thanks also to Magenta Theatre for the use of some of the props shown here.

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