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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Senior Photos of Casey – Class of 2009

Casey attends Oregon City High School so we photographed him in Historic Oregon City.

Although Casey kept his outfits to a minimum, as most of our guys do, he did bring along some great props. One was a classic felt hat he purchased while in England and an Epiphone SG guitar. Casey’s girlfriend Katie also came along for moral support, and she also made a great prop too. I really like what we came away with from the entire session. The third image (black & white) was actually an exposure error mistake, but actually became one of my favorite images.

High School Senior Pictures – Oregon City, OR – Canazzi Photographics

Senior Photos of Katie – Class of 2009

Katie attends Castle Rock High School and was referred to us by her cousin Alyssa who is also graduating this year. Katie brought a lot of outfits with her, which was great. I told her we would rather have more to choose from than not enough. My wife Karin, who takes the role of a personal stylist for all our seniors, did a great job selecting the right outfit for each location. Katie was an absolute pleasure to work with. Especially when we put her in some bright lighting situations that would have made anyone squint. She handled it like a pro and stuck it out. I hope she feels those efforts were rewarded.

High School Senior Pictures – Castle Rock, WA – Canazzi Photographics

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