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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Senior Photos of Blake

Blake’s dad had some connections to a local car club and had they bring a few of their cars to his senior photo shoot. They surely added some unique elements to these images. As a courtesy I also took some photos of the owners with their vehicles. Blake is a graduate from Hockinson High School.

High School Senior Pictures – Hockinson, WA – Canazzi Photographics

Senior Photos of Tarek

A Skyview High School graduate this year Tarek is also the son of our next door neighbor. We have watched him grow up over the past decade and it is amazing to think he is now a high school senior. He decided to have his pictures taken in some of our favorite Urban/Industrial Vancouver locations. We also had the privilege to photograph his family just after his photo shoot.

High School Senior Pictures – Vancouver, WA – Canazzi Photographics

Senior Photos of Jerka

We took Jerka a downtown Vancouver and to one of our favorite Oregon parks for her senior photos. We had wonderful lighting at both locations and we had a great time photographing her. Jerka is a 2010 graduate of Ridgefield High School.

High School Senior Pictures – Portland, OR – Canazzi Photographics

Senior Photos of Chelsea & Nichole

Senior photos – two gals in two hours with two outfits. Everyone knows it’s always more fun doing something with a friend. So Nichole and Chelsea decided to have their senior pictures taken at the same time. As a photographer this is always a bit of a challenge due to the fact we are at similar locations, yet we want to make them each look unique in their own way. We succeeded, as they were both very happy with their images. These gals both attend Union High School here in Vancouver, WA.

High School Senior Pictures – Vancouver, WA – Canazzi Photographics

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